Mass layoffs at various tech companies like Google have left employees worried about their future. Even though Harsh Vijayvargiya stated that he was designated as a “star performer” just a month ago, he was one of the 12,000 employees who were recently laid off. He used to be a “Digital Media Senior Associate” at Google’s Hyderabad office.

Vijayvargiya, a single father, shared on LinkedIn how he received a dreaded pop-up email notification from Google Operations Centre on his phone. He wrote that when he was a “star performer” for a month, the first thing that came to his mind was “why me?” He stated that his salary is “half for two months” and that his “financial plans are completely ruined” when discussing the effects of his layoff.

He claimed that he was accustomed to the daily office routine and worked five days a week from home. “I was not available for them because of my work hours, but I have a child and a supporting wife who are always there for me,” he shared.

He went on to say, “This happened on Saturday, and it took me two days to write down strength, get back to things, and now fight back for survival.” With six years of experience and a most recent drawn CTC of 5.5 LPA, he asked his connections for assistance in finding a better opportunity.

By Vijay