In recent years, South Korea has been at the forefront of technology, music and entertainment. To discover in a personal way these elements that have fascinated the world, Carlos Vasan (@carlosvassan), charlie pie (@charlypi) or Roberto Guzman From Parenthesis.com (@parentesiscom) visited Korea with Samsung and shared an unforgettable experience.

Our journey started in Daegu, the third largest metropolis in South Korea. Samsung Creative Economy Innovation Center. At this innovation center, guests are Mr. HoAm ByungCharlie Lee I started a company that initially functioned as a grocery store. From this symbolic point, Charly Pi shared the image of his Samsung founder, adding that he contributed to the development of South Korea’s cities at the time.

Accompanying cutting-edge Samsung smartphones, Galaxy S22 Ultra world Galaxy Z Fold4the tech-savvy trio were also introduced to different aspects of Korean culture. Kawakai They delved into the architecture of the Joseon Dynasty, folk traditions and participated in typical festivals. night photography During the fireworks display.

Furthermore, in the city Busan they discovered Jagalchi Market, a market where you can meet a wide variety of sea animals, and a space where you can taste authentic Korean yakiniku. In Busan, they also learned all the details. Expo 2030, Well, the city is joining to host this international event that includes solutions to address global challenges such as climate change, the shortcomings of digital transformation, and inequality.

The city has amazed people with its unique landscape, where nature, the sea and the technology of modern large buildings coexist. “When I saw another planet while watching a movie, it seemed like another world.” […] The contrast of the three ecosystems living in harmony was impressive.said Rob Guzmán of Parentesis.

was a must-see samsung digital city, located in Suwon, a few kilometers from Seoul, is the center of innovation for the company. On this site, we were able to learn about the city of Samsung, where more than 30,000 employees participate in the development of key advancements for the brand, with attractive facilities. Among them are communication technologies such as 4G, 5G and 6G networks. ; the latest news on the screen and smartphoneamong others.

Samsung Digital City has everything for employees to have a holistic experience: parks, swimming pools, cafeterias, shopping centers, even flower shops, paintings, music, building figures to relax and bond. We have a service. “[En los talleres] The same high-ranking employee was teaching other employees, so there’s greater collaboration to join a work team or meet more people who work at Samsung and share the same interests.”, added Carlos Vassan when talking about these moments of integration.

Rob Guzman added:We have been using Samsung for many years, so when processing this information we can see that they have been using this brand for 10 years on different types of products such as TVs, refrigerators and phones.But I never dreamed I’d be here”.

I have always been a fan of technology. The first Galaxy was the Galaxy Ace and the S series was the S2. Thanks to the training, I was amazed at the number of employees, the location, the semiconductor part, the manufacturing section, who resonated with the brand’s values, and the way they do things very well.Added Carlos Vassan.

I knew the influencer Samsung Innovation Museum, a museum that guides all visitors along the path of innovation, from the development of electricity to the latest advancements. In addition, there are multiple products, such as the first phone, that signify crossroads in the brand’s history. It also holds various unreleased items, such as a phone specially developed for the Olympics and an Olympic torch.

It is not only history, but also a vision for tomorrow.On this trip you say: if a few years ago they traded fabric for apples and today we have a phone with a foldable screen, all they show us I do not doubt for a moment that this will become a reality in the future.Added Charlie Pie.

As if that wasn’t enough, another site I visited was C Lab Square, located in the underground part of Samsun City. Here they found all the projects of the company’s internal programs that foster innovative business ideas. eco packageecological packaging for recycling smart TV boxes was the result of this culture of entrepreneurship that promotes the brand.

They said, “Instead of looking out for ideas, we have very talented people in-house and we need to listen to them.” It’s exciting to think about what else is currently planned, what other projects are underway, and what has been announced here. “showed Charlie Pie.

Finally, the expert reflected on everything he learned on the trip, including how the brand’s values ​​align with him personally and how working for Samsung must be an honor.

Experience it with friends to discover what it’s like from the inside and meet more people in other countries.I kept seeing pictures of things I’d never done and was able to share with my friends and followers” concluded Carlos Vassan.


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